HF Kodiak 5R

HF Kodiak 5R

Introducing HF Kodiak 5R all the way from Canada

Sold at 2011 Denver Bases Loaded Sale for $155,000 for American rights and full possession.

We are very excited here at PC Angus to have the exclusive Australian & New Zealand rights to Kodiak 5R after Inspecting him 3 times (in Canada after WAF and again in November 2010 after Farmfair and again in Denver 2011 at National Western Stock Show) we are glad to have found such a highly sort after bull in Canada and the USA.

Kodiak 5R is a complete package, his sterling pedigree, moderate birth weight and excellent performance has been respected by many cattlemen throughout the world. Kodiak’s dam, Ruby 955N and the entire cow family are solid building blocks of the Hamilton Farm Breeding program.

Kodiak’s first calf crop has now been weaned and what a line up of cattle he has created! Rob & Gail Hamilton of Hamilton Farm have said that never before have they had a sire that has stamped his progeny with the same consistent quality that this bull has.

HF Kodiak 5R was named the premier sire at the 2009 World Angus Forum.

HF Kodiaks 5R progeny were very successful at the 2007 World Angus Futurity Show and the Gold Show in Olds. Some of the early show highlights for Kodiaks progeny include:

  • Bull Calf Champion in WAF 2009
  • Grand Champion Yearling Bull – HF Tiger 5T at World Angus Forum Canada 2009
  • Olds World Angus Forum Futurity – Senior Bull Calf and Grand Champion Bull – HF Grizzly 12T
  • Reserve Senior Champion Bull National Western Stock Show 2011 – HF El Tigre 28U also owned by us here in Australia and the Full brother to HF Tiger 5T



HF Prowler 43UAt PC Angus we have utilised USA genetics for many years and we felt the need to add more powerful “outcross genetics.” We found what we were looking for in Canada. With the help of Rob & Gail Hamilton and after many miles in the air and on the ground, we assembled the most powerful, soggy, phenotypically correct set herd sires we could find! That being HF KODIAK 5R, HF PROWLER 43U & HF EL TIGRE 28U.

In addition to the Kodiak & El Tigre we had the opportunity and privilege to purchase the bull HF PROWLER 43U, who we believe is the highest quality bull we have ever been associated with – hands down. If you need extra power & performance in your herd… Then chose HF PROWLER 43 U.

SEMEN AVAILABLE  at 2013 Annual Sale



El Tigre 28U

El Tigre

Introducing also from Canada son of Kodiak 5R HF
El Tigre 28U

A full brother to HF Tiger 5T, El Tigre 28U was the highest selling bull out of the 2008 Masterpiece Sale. His dam HF Echo 84R has ringed the bell twice, first as a 2yr old producing HF Tiger 5T then again as a 3 yr old producing HF El Tigre 28U.

El Tigre 28U is quite unique with his exceptional low birth weight that was bred in by his sire HF Kodiak 5R, his dam HF Echo 84R is a fertile, feminine, beautifully uddered and structurally correct daughter of TC Freedom 104.

As Rob & Gail Hamilton both describing El Tigre as been able to run with the best of the best.... he looks like he does.

El Tigre was Bull Calf Champion at Farm fair 2009 and a finalist in the Angus Division of the Legends of the Fall. He was also named Senior Yearling Champion at the 2009 World Angus Forum at Spruce Medows. In 2011 at the Denver National Western Stock Show El Tigre was named Reserve Senior Champion ROV Angus Bull. He has attracted a lot of attention by very keen cattlemen from all over the World and has been used heavily throughout Europe.

Greg has commented on El Tigre to be bigger and better than older brother Tiger.


Black Diamond Direction Y309 (AI)(ET)

Black Diamond Direction Y309

The triple crown winner

 The Future Direction Son with:

  • NUTTS – 43cm
  • BUTT – B Muscle Score
  • GRUNT – 1260kg, Frame 8, EMA 150cm, IMF% 6.1
  • Winner 2006 Sydney Royal Horden Trophy
  • Winner 2006 Bendigo National Beef Expo Interbreed Bull
  • Winner 2006 Brisbane Royal Interbreed Bull
  • Winner 2006 Melbourne Royal Interbreed Bull
  • Winner of over $15,000 in prize money in 2006

*****Unbeaten in the Show Ring in 2006*****


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Pine Creek PC Max U138

Pine Creek Max

2002 Horden Trophy Winner

  • 3rd Generation GT Maximum Son
  • 2002 Horden Trophy Winner at Sydney Royal
  • Junior and Grand Champion Angus Bull at Brisbane Royal 2001
  • Trait Leader for Calving Ease
  • Top Price son sold for $17,000 in the 2006 Bull Sale to Mr Bruce Graham

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Dulverton Vanilla V049 (AI)

Dulverton Vanilla

  • Purchased in 2004 from Greg and Sally Chappell – Dulverton Angus
  • In 2004 trait leader for 200, 400, 600 Day Growth
  • In top 5% of Breed for RBY%
  • In top 20% of Breed for IMF%
  • This bull has consistently bred well at both Pine Creek and Dulverton Angus
  • This will be the second year to offer Vanilla sons

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P C Stockman W38 (AI)

PC Stockman

  • Winner of the 2004 Senior and Grand Champion Angus Bull and Best Exhibit – Sydney Royal
  • Was sold to Mr & Mrs Les Croaker after only used for a short time in the Pine Creek Herd for $15,000
  • Sire of Miss W38 Stockman A62 – Reserve Junior Champion Angus Heifer Sydney Royal 2006
  • Top Price son in 2006 Sale sold for $11,000 to Mr & Mrs Stuckey of Leawood Angus Victoria

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PC TC Stockman A49

PC TC Stockman A49

  • Winner 2008 Interbreed Bull at Beef Spectacular on first showing as a 2yr old.

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